Private Holdings – Complaints Handling Procedure

Below, we provide you with our detailed Complaints Handling Procedure outline. If you want to file a complaint with Private Holdings, you should follow this procedure.

Private Holdings

We acknowledge the complaints of our customers within 7 days of receiving it and inform you about the senior person who'll be handling your complaint. Our team will investigate your complaint and try our best to resolve it and send you our final response within 60 days of your complaint receipt. If we fail to provide you with our final response in this period, we'll inform you about it. Then, we'll try to send you our response in 180 days of your complaint receipt. If we fail to give you our response in this given time frame, we'll write to explain to you the reason and advise when we'll be able to provide you with our final response.

Terms Interpretation

The terms that we include in this specific Report have a specific explanation, and you may use them as plural or singular as you deem suitable. The client stands for 'the client' as we have already defined in our 'Client Agreement', you can find online.

Compliant Defined

A complaint is a client's dissatisfaction expression related to the Private Holdings investment or/and ancillary services provision. Compliant includes the following:
• Your name and surname
• The trading account number of the client
• The numbers of affected transactions (if applicable)
• The time and date of the issue arousal
• An issue description (a compliant should not include)
• Use of offensive language directed towards an employee of Private Holdings or directly to Private Holdings

The Procedure

Clients should file all complaints in writing and address our Customer Support Department in the first instance. Suppose the Customer Support Department responds to the client's complaint, but the client deems it necessary to raise the complaint further. In that case, the client can either directly contact our Compliance Department who'll investigate it impartially and independently or request our Customer Support Department to escalate it.

Both our Compliance Department and Customer Support Department shall perform a thorough investigation of any complaints as necessary (considering all the information in the firm's records and the books including but is not limited to the client's trading account journal). This is to reach a fair result. Both the Compliance and Customer Support Departments shall:
• Give a client an initial response to the complaint within 7 days.
• Try to resolve the complaint filed as quickly as practically possible.
• Give information to the client accordingly.

We treat all complaints with complete confidentiality. Our Customer Service Department addresses the questions regarding the complaint procedure in the first instance.


Customer Support Department E-mail: [email protected]
Compliance Department E-mail:[email protected]


If you have any query related to your activity or account with us or feel unhappy with our services, you can get in touch with our Customer Support Department through live chat, telephone or email. Our department of Customer Support determines if they can instantly resolve your query or if it needs further investigation; if we cannot instantly resolve your query, we stay committed to resolving and/or addressing it as promptly as reasonably possible for us (generally in 2 business days). Suppose you still feel dissatisfied with the query response or the answer you receive. In that case, you have the right to raise the issue further to our Compliance Department by following the procedure we have specified in our section for official complaints.

Official Complaints

A dissatisfaction statement of the client that relates to the investment services provision. Our Compliance Department addresses it as specified in the Procedure is referred to as Official Compliant. An official complaint should include the following:
I. Client’s name and surname
II. The trading account number of the client
III. The numbers of affected transactions (if applicable)
IV. The time and date of the issue arousal
V. An accurate issue description

Complaints should be sent to Compliance Department via email. We'll perform an in-depth investigation of the compliant which takes about 180 days and gives you the reply regarding final decision/outcomes of the complaint. Although it's unlikely, we cannot respond in 180 days. We inform you about the delay and its reasons and give you an estimated period during which we'll possible complete the investigation.

Further Steps

Please note that different provisions may be applicable if a client is a trust or legal entity or otherwise and you should stay informed about those relevant law provisions. While filing a complaint, a client should always utilize the particular compliant number that Private Holdings provide in the response or acknowledgement.

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