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General Information about Terms of Use Agreement

Kindly carefully go through this 'terms of use agreement' before using the services that we offer at Private Holdings. You agree to our terms and conditions of this agreement by browsing and using this website.

This term of use agreement presents the legal terms and conditions for using this website, services of this website, mobile and web-based applications that Private Holdings offer. The use of this website in any way, is not limited to site navigation or visit; you agree to abide by the agreement.

This agreement is applicable to all site or service users, including the users who contribute content, services, information and other types of materials on this website.

We welcome you on the website. We give you access to our website. Your use of the site is subjected to the specified terms and conditions. Private Holdings can modify the terms of use and privacy policy from time to time. Kindly carefully read these terms and conditions before you use this site.

Intellectual Property Rights of Private Holdings

Private Holdings is an owner and license holder of all graphics, text, content, multimedia material and other material that you read or view on this site and all the code related to it, excluding submission of contributors (as explained below). As explained in this term of use agreement, you may not be able to use it. You may use this content and site that we offer on this site only for personal, non-commercial and lawful purposes.

However, you are not allowed for using any robots, data mining, or similar types of data extraction and collection tools on any part of the site, content or copy, reproduce, reprint, publicly display, store, broadcast, copy, modify, transmit, publish, assign, sell, transfer, port, a loan or distribute otherwise the content without taking our prior consent in writing.

You should not surpass any processes included in the unauthorized content distribution or reproduction. Your site use shouldn’t infringe or embezzle any third party rights of intellectual property.

Limitations on Site Use

Users are not allowed to transfer any false, profane, libellous, defamatory, solicitous, obscene infringement on copyrights or other individual's or entity's rights of propriety information or material to our digital services. Or otherwise, this would result in civil or criminal liability under the legal regulations. Users should adhere to and respect international laws under all circumstances concerning their Online Services use. Any attempt to law violation may result in legal action against the lawbreaker by Private Holdings. Our company complies fully with applicable legal authorities to offer any essential information for the initiation of the litigation process.

Warranties Disclaimer

Private Holdings has no fiduciary responsibility or unique relationships to you or anyone else. Also, you admit that Private Holdings is not responsible and no control over the actions related to access of users to the site, the type of content you access through the site, the impact content have on you, how you interpret or use the site’s content or actions that you may take after getting exposed to the site’s content. You do not hold Private Holdings liable for acquiring or not acquiring any sort of content via the sites.

The site may have or direct you towards other websites that have information that is inappropriate or offensive for some people. Private Holdings has no representations regarding the content accessed or contained via the site. And Private Holdings is not liable or responsible for its accuracy, legality, copyright compliance, or material decency accessed or contained through this site.

The site provides service (including any content, limitation) 'as available' and 'as is' and is without any type of warranty, implied or expressed, including but is not limited to the implied title of warranties, merchantability, non-infringement and fitness to a particular purpose. And any course of trade usage or performance of any warranties, all of which we disclaim expressly.

Private Holdings and its owners, operators, agents, suppliers, employees, partners, agents and content providers don't provide a warranty of:
• Secure service
• Availability of service at any particular location or time
• Correction of any errors or defects
• Availability of any software or content
• Virus-free services or free from other harmful elements
• Service meeting your requirements

You're solely responsible for using this service at your risk. There are no limitations in some countries on the duration of implied warranties, so the limitations mentioned above do not apply to you.

Private Holdings gives no confidentiality guarantee or any communication privacy or information transmission on the site or any other website connected with the sites.

Private Holdings is not liable for identification information and email addresses privacy, communications, disk space, information about trade-secret, communications or any other content that anyone store on the equipment of Private Holdings, transmitted through the networks retrieved by the site or connected otherwise in any way to the service user.

We provide our services after prepayment. The minimum period of subscription is one month. Our company also provides 3 to 12 months subscription prepayments. Once your subscription starts, you cannot terminate it. However, if you decide not to use our service before the expiration of your subscription, we cannot offer a refund.

Our Policy of Refund

Private Holdings does not offer any compensation or refund if you cannot access our services due to any reason.

We provide our services after prepayment. The minimum period of subscription is one month. Our company also provides 3 to 12 months subscription prepayments. Once your subscription starts, you cannot terminate it. However, if you decide not to use our service before the expiration of your subscription, we cannot offer a refund.

We reserve the Terms of Service revision rights anytime without giving prior notice. You can email us if there are any concerns or questions regarding our Terms of Service agreement.

Liability Limitations

Under no circumstances, Private Holdings, its directors, officers, agents, or employees are liable for any incidental, direct or indirect, punitive, consequential, or special damages whatsoever that results from any kind of errors, content inaccuracies, mistakes, property damage, or injury of any kind whatsoever that may result from your site access and use or any third party sites, any unwarranted use or access to our protected servers or/and any and all financial and personal information that we store therein.

Any cessation or transmission to or from our website, any viruses, bugs or Trojan horses or the same which may be sent through or transmitted via our site by any of the third-party or/and any omissions or errors in any type of content or any damage or loss of any type incurred resulting from the any posted, transmitted, emailed or posted content or otherwise made accessible through the site, whether it's based on contract, warranty, tort or any legal theory. And whether our company is advised regarding such damages possibility or not. The preceding liability limitation applies to the maximum extent as law permits it in the relevant jurisdiction.

You acknowledge specifically that Private Holdings shall not hold liability for submitting the contributor or for any kind of offensive, illegal or defamatory conduct by a third party. And the harm or damage risk due to the forgoing is entirely upon you.

Private Holdings controls and offers this site and services. Private Holdings does not make representations that this site is available or suitable for use at other locations or countries. Those who use or access our website from different jurisdictions are responsible for their access and hold local law compliance responsibility.


You agree that you indemnify, defend and hold Private Holdings, our affiliates, subsidiaries and respective contractors, officers, respective employees, directors, agents and officers from any damages, costs, claims, expenses, loss, or liability (collectively liabilities) that arise from the use of the site. This includes without liabilities limitation that relates to;
I. Your third party rights violation including copyright limitations, privacy, or property rights
II. Your site access and use to the site’s content or site that you may post
III. Your any terms of use service agreement violations or your warranties and representations put forth above
IV. Or any

We hold the right to presume the exclusive controls and define any situation at our expense that might otherwise be subject to your indemnification; in this event, you'll collaborate with us to implement any available defines. Such indemnification and defines will abide by these terms of use/ service agreement and your site use.

Changes to site and terms of use, use termination of Private Holdings may change these terms of service or use any time in our sole discretion by sending an email to you or notice. After these changes, your continued site use is subject to the acceptance of our revised Terms of Service/Use agreement. Private Holdings can withdraw, modify or suspend any functionality or content of this site at the sole discretion. This includes the termination of all activities that relate to this site. Private Holdings is not liable to you or any third party for suspension, discontinuation or suspension of the site. At its sole discretion, Private Holdings has a right to terminate your site use without prior notice anytime for no or any reason.


If, to any extent, any part of this Terms of Use agreement is unenforceable as competent jurisdiction determines it, it will change such part of the agreement only to the extent necessary for the applicability of such enforceable part. And these modified Terms of Use agreement remains effective in full force.

No waiver of rights or terms of use agreement by Private Holdings is deemed any other right waiver, terms of use provision at that time, or any right, term or provision waiver of these Terms of Use/Service agreement at any time.

This agreement with the client, along with any accompanying documents or schedules, as revised from time to time, sets out the contract terms between you and us. Private Holdings own and operate this site having a company registration number Cg.01-09-355040.

I Confirm by Clicking on 'I Agree' Below:

• I understand that all these applicable terms and conditions, along with other policies, are not separable from this binding agreement between Private Holdings and me.
• I am above 18 years of age, and the information that we provide on this site is accurate and correct. In the event of any changes to the material, I will immediately notify you.
• I have entered truthful, accurate and complete details, which include my identity and address. Private Holdings reserve the right to make modifications in terms of this agreement by posting any type of information on our site.
• I agree that I take the opportunity to trade on this demo platform or/and go through the tutorial. I understand the consequences of trade and the risks involved in it. Moreover, I read and understood the Forex trading risks. The site and any services use is invalid where applicable law prohibits it.
• I request and accept to open my account by filling the available subscription form. And I confirm that I have understood all terms and policies, including the disclosure of risk and terms and conditions.


Private Holdings provides access to its site and services to only those clients who accept and abide by our terms and conditions. Your use of our website confirms that you have read our Terms of Use/service and accept them as it is. We oblige only those restrictions or limits to which we may admit in writing and any legal, market, statutory or regulatory requirements.

The following Terms of use and conditions are applicable to all website users. In any case, you need to have additional information about our Terms of Service/Use policy, get in touch with our customer support representative any time. In order to take maximum benefit from the services that Private Holdings provide, you must thoroughly go through and agree to the stated Terms and Conditions. This agreement becomes effective when you accept our Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept our current Terms of Use/ Service, you should inform us in a written form. If Private Holdings wants to make any changes to our Terms of Use/Service or terms and conditions, we will post about it online. And to keep on trading from our website, we might request you to accept the modified terms.

To qualify to trade with Private Holdings, you must be 18 or above and able to understand the involved risks fully. Hereby, you agree that you know about the trade and experience to do trade. And you have an understanding of the involved risks. You should not hold us responsible for any sort of damage or loss which may result from the use of our site and it is not our responsibility to verify that whether you have enough knowledge or you are making the right trading choices.

Similar conditions are applicable to the legal restrictions. It is your responsibility to understand fully that regulations for trading, investments and other same operations are different globally. Your access to our website and the utilization of tools that we offer doesn't imply that trading is legal at the place or country from where you are trading. Users who access this website should have information about the Polish Government's jurisdiction restrictions and laws. By using this site, you hereby declare that you are using funds for trading that does not originate from a breach of law or any criminal activity. You should not abuse or misuse the services or license that we provide to you. When you accept the terms of service/use, we grant you a limited access license, but you cannot develop deep-links with our website or resell or copy the content or materials present on Private Holdings.

The information we provide to you is entirely for you to execute transactions within Private Holdings. Please make a note that suspension or closing of your account due to a violation of the terms of use/service and clearly the Policy of Acceptable Use may result in the loss because of positions closing. You should not provide us with inaccurate or false information. If we found any of your information inaccurate or false, we reserve the right to terminate your granted license, immediately ceasing your right to access our services. You accept that under no conditions, Private Holdings or its workers are liable for any type of damage or loss of profits that may occur during trading because of your link to our website, which includes negligence. Under any proven situations, the Private Holdings liability is limited only to the last monthly commissions that we receive as your transferred money or as a deposit in your trade account with us.

Our Terms and Conditions

The Introduction to this Terms of Service/Use agreement is its inseparable component thereof. This agreement, along with all the policies of our company, constitutes the Agreement undertaking between Private Holdings and users. We refer hereunder you or any other person who uses our site as a client or user. By visiting, accessing, or /and using our site, you or any individual (hereinafter: client or user) unreservedly and unequivocally shows their acceptance and binding to all these Terms and conditions that constitute an agreement of binding between the Private Holdings and user. And the user undertakes to comply fully with all the activities with/ or/ and through this site which these Terms and Conditions govern.

The use of this site by you in any way confirms your Agreement and irrevocable acceptance of the following specified Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions or any of our policies, you are not allowed to use Private Holdings services. You should then stop the use of our site immediately!

• Use Permission: The user of our site must be of 18 years or above and should have legal permission to engage in the activities of this site according to the Polish regulations and laws that apply to him/her. Use of our site constitutes that he/she takes complete responsibility and has a full capability to enter into agreements of legal binding with this site.
• Users are not allowed to make serial, or/and commercial, or/and automated site use. The use of this site strictly prohibits data mining, bandwidth theft, software upload/download, data gathering, offline browsing through plug-ins, or access through any software except the primary and official web browsers.
• Your site account and bank account: When we receive your application, we hold the right to perform credit, bank account and other necessary checks as we consider suitable from time to time. This may include taking references from your employer, credit agencies, or bank (if applicable)without limit. The credit referencing agencies can record the search details regardless of the proceedings of your application or not. While this Agreement is applicable, we reserve the right to do further checks of credit anytime. You accept and agree that we may make use of credit scoring techniques for your application's evaluation. This may impact our decision of your application acceptance or altering the way your account operates. You should instantly notify us of any changes to the materials and information that you provide in your application form. In case we accept your application, we open your account with us and provide a user ID with the account number to you. You shouldn't disclose these confidential details to anyone else. In case you expect that a third party knows about this information, you should immediately inform us. You are responsible for providing assistance to us to investigate the misuse of your account under any circumstances.
• You agree that we have no responsibility for confirming or checking anyone's identity quoting or using your account. You agree to entitle us (but not obliged) to make any or all of the payments that you owe to a single account. We are not obliged but may agree to perform monies transfer to various Bank Accounts.
• We do not withstand that we agreed to do so; our company is not liable for any of the mistakes that we may make in the transferred amount if the total transferred sum as per this agreement is accurate.
• Funds that appear in the account of the client may include voluntary or agreed incentives and bonuses or any other amount that the client has not deposited directly or earned from trading on the real deposited fund's account (non-deposited funds). Unless it's explicitly agreed upon otherwise, kindly note that we do not have non-deposited funds available for instant withdrawal. Moreover, due to some technical limitations, we may assign non-deposited funds to the account of the client at certain events (for instance, for the indebted account or allowing positions closing).


Kindly note that ‘Non-Funds’ that include profits that you gain on the account or derived from the same are not the client's funds. Even if we confirm the Non-Deposited Funds withdrawal, Private Holdings have the exclusive right of reclaiming all or/and any such funds.

Additional Undertaking
• In addition to the mentioned above statements and without restricting this clause's generality, you verify that the provided bank account details are accurate and complete and you'll immediately notify us in the event of any changes to it. You'll provide us with all required documentation as per our request with regard to such bank account changes.
• You verify that your provided bank account details (unless we otherwise agree upon) links to your bank account that you have opened in your primary country of residence.
• You accept and agree that we have no obligation to transfer or accept any monies from the account other than your bank account registered with us.
• Except there is a fraud (that does not include third-party fraud), we are not responsible for taking responsibility of any damage or loss that you may suffer due to monies trading that you have credited or deposited on our behalf or to your account by error.
• According to this agreement, our company reserves the right to suspend or shut down any account with us anytime.
• You agree that Private Holdings reserve the right to make changes to the margin amount that we allow per trading due to volatility of the market without any prior notice.

Multiple Accounts
In case anyone holds more than one account on our site, except clearly otherwise expressed in this agreement, we treat each account as a separate entity. It means that if you have credit in any one account (including the margin monies), it'll not exclude you from the liabilities of your other account unless, concerning this agreement, we exert our rights.

Beneficiaries/ Joint Accounts
If any account on our site belongs to a corporation or multiple users, partnerships, companies, or any other corporate entity, then withdrawal requires the approval of all signatories or beneficiaries.

Connecting to this Site
We prohibit the creation or maintenance of any link to another site or page or another site link to this site without taking Private Holding's written permission. In case we permit any links to this site, they should comply with all applicable regulations, laws and rules. And should follow the online ethical code of conduct.

Copyright and IP Notice
Private Holdings is an owner and license holder of all graphics, text, content, multimedia material and other material that you read or view or download on this site and all the code related to it. Trademark, copyright and other laws protect all the site content and material except those that we permit in these agreements of Terms and Conditions or by taking prior written owner’s permission of such type of materials (hereinafter: data or information).

This site's information is a property of Private Holdings or its respective suppliers and affiliates, and no one should copy or use it without taking prior permission. You are not allowed to modify the displayed materials or information on this site or which you download from this site in any form or publicly showcase or reproduce, distribute or perform or make use of any such information otherwise or materials for any type of commercial or public use. If you use any such materials or information without authorization, you may cause a violation of trademark laws, copyright laws, privacy and publicity laws and other regulations.

Force Majeure
While we try our best to comply with our responsibilities in a timely way, we hold no liability for non-performance or partial failure of our obligations whatsoever due to any reason beyond our control. This includes but is not limited to any sort of failure of systems, computer, or communications, a default of market, closure or disclosure, suspension, imposition, or modifications to the laws or regulations of the Polish Government or regulatory requirements. We are also not liable for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of all this. Without discrimination of this clause' generality, the following happenings fall under the force majeure event:
• The situation (as we consider) of civil unrest, riots, strikes, terrorism, communication, or power failure in which we are not able to maintain a streamlined and orderly marketplace
• Excessive volatility within the financial markets
• Underlying markets closure, suspension or liquidation

Without discrimination of this clause' generality, if a force majeure event occurs, we are entitled to:
• Change the times of trading
• Change margin requirements
• Cancel or close any open positions or contracts

Our site has specific trade names, trademarks, logos and service mark that we use or display on this site. They are all the property of Private Holdings and its affiliates. Other trade names, trademarks, or service names that we display or use on this site are their respective owners' unregistered and registered trade names, trademarks and services marks. You are not allowed to consider anything on this site granting permission or by implication or otherwise giving you the license or right to use any trade name, trademarks and service marks, or any logos without getting the prior written permission of governing authorities.

Security of Logins
We are responsible for maintaining your account with us at all such times, including ensuring the maintenance of the required margin level. If you maintain multiple accounts, we have this responsibility separately for each of your accounts unless otherwise, we have an agreement with you in writing.
We deem every individual who uses a login (whether or not he/she is a client whom we duly authorized) to enter the authorized or/and gives us any instructions or communication on Private Holdings' client's behalf that the login represents according to the registration information that Private Holdings provide.
Private Holdings will follow those instructions without the obligation of taking any confirmation or further written proof. And to avoid doubt, the client becomes eligible to pay the relevant applicable transaction fees.

Unlawful Site Usage
You are not allowed to do any unlawful site usage. And we assume that you are aware of the fact that in addition to this terms and conditions agreement and any other and all policies that apply to the usage of this site, you should also abide by the applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction or country. This includes any sort of promulgations related to securities, gambling, anti-money laundering and/or taxation.
At Private Holdings, we do not encourage any act that law considers a criminal offence or lead to civil liability or violate any regulation or law, otherwise. In addition to the treatment that we might be having in equity or law, in our sole discretion, if we determine that you are likely to violate or have violated the prohibitions mentioned above, we have a right to take action that we may deem vital for prevention or cure of that violation. This includes, without limitation, the instant removal of all such and related materials or/and users from our site. We'll provide full cooperation for a court order or to any applicable law enforcement authorities or subpoena requesting or instructions that ask us to reveal the identity of the individual who posts such materials or content.
• Users accept that all information that he/she provides is complete, truthful, accurate and up-to-date.
• Users accept to defend, hold and indemnify Private Holdings harmless along with all its employees, subsidiaries, agents and /or officers from or against any type of liabilities, claims, expenses, obligation, debts, etc. in any form linked with abuse or misuse of this site, provided services or information or contained and included herein particularly but are not limited to the violation of these Terms and Conditions agreement or/and any law violation whatsoever (including any third party rights infringement or violation) or/and violation of any terms and conditions of the third party that applied to the use of this site.

No Expressed or Implied Warranties
• Your site usage is at your own risk. We do not provide any expressed or implied warranties for the information, content, materials and services that we provide through or on this site. All our materials, services, information and anything on this site is on an 'As-Is' basis. This also includes warranties for the fitness for any particular purpose, merchantability, or intellectual property infringement.

You should carefully go through all the documents, including Risk Warning Notice, that we provide to you in relation to this agreement. We assert that you should not submit your application form if you have any doubts about the impacts of this agreement or the type of involved risks.

When you click on the 'submit' button to submit your application form to this site, you must carefully acknowledge that you have gone through the provided documents. You have understood and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

• Private Holdings and/or its affiliate companies, subsidiaries, employees, agents, lawyers, bankers, officers and/or trustees do not oversee and/or regulate and/or verify any information that they or we publish on this site. This includes but is not limited to the information, quotes, data, articles, trading information, etc. Our sole responsibility is the facilitation of trading and provides users with useful information.
• Private Holdings is in no way liable or bear any loss and/or damages and/or expenses to any third party or user under any circumstances except the last monthly fees refund (only to the extent that user has paid that fees actually to Private Holdings) and it is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
• Private Holdings is not liable to deny services on any basis, whether personal, specific or general.
• Private Holdings is not liable for any type of information, products, services, or/and software that a third party provides on our site.
• Private Holdings holds sole discretion of making this site offline anytime for the purpose of routine maintenance or any other purpose, and we may deny service continually and/or temporarily and/or for an indefinite period without any liability to any person. We don't guarantee that any user will get access to this site from any location and any time, and we don't make any claims with regard to this site content.
• Without any limitation of the preceding, Private Holdings is not responsible for any trading order execution impossibility due to problems in our operational and informational systems that may result from technical faults beyond our control.
• Neither Private Holdings nor its affiliates, employees, agents, subsidiaries and officers provides warranty of information completeness or accuracy of the information that we provide on or through this site. The materials, information and/or any service that this site provides may be outdated.
• Neither Private Holdings nor its affiliates, employees, agents, subsidiaries, and officers take any responsibility or commitment to update, validate, or verify such materials, information, and/or services. Except under particular condition and that clearly expressed herein, our SITE DO NOT OFFER ANY SORT OF ADVISORY SERVICE. All investments, decisions, and transactions you make through this site are at your sole risk and discretion.
• Private Holdings and its affiliates, employees, agents, subsidiaries and officers are not responsible or do not hold liability for any sort of damages, or viruses or bugs that may cause damage to your equipment, computer or other assets that may arise due to your use of, browsing or access to this site or information or materials downloading from this site.
• Under no conditions, the Private Holdings or its respective directors, employees, officers, agents, assigns, affiliates, shareholders or successors or any third party who was involved in creating, producing or transmitting this website are liable to you or others for any sort of incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages( this include without limitation, the damages that may result from data loss, profits loss or interruption in business) that arise due to the inability or ability to use this site, any materials or websites connected to this site, services or information that any or all such sites contain whether its basis is a contract, tort, warranty or any legal theory. And you also agree that your only solution is to stop the usage of this site.
• Private Holdings refund your registration fees of the previous month if you're our site's registered user and we entirely deny the use your use of our service due to some act or removal by Private Holdings from this site.
• Within the 12 months of happening that give rise to any claim against Private Holdings, all claims that anyone makes become obsolete.
• In the event there is any sort of problem with the products, services or information that is on this site or you have bought on this site, you accept that third party provider of all such information, materials and/ or services is the sole remedy for problem resolution apart from all that mentioned above.
• As mentioned above, the purpose of the disclaimer is that Private Holdings does not take the responsibility of providing all functionality and/or any service on this site. This also implies that if you want to make any claims against the Private Holdings, you should present them without delay and they shall become void and null in the first 12 months of coming to the forefront.

Any Terms and Conditions Revisions
Without any discrimination of the above-mentioned, users agree and accept that Private Holdings, its legal counsellors and company have the full right at all times to make amendments, additions, or/and revocation at their sole discretion to any and/or all these mentioned Terms and Conditions without giving prior notification to the users. All such revocations, amendments, or revisions become effective and bind fully when the site owners post them on this site. It's your responsibility to review the current terms and conditions applicable to you periodically.

Legal terms or notices may suspend particular provisions related to these Terms and Conditions on specific pages of this website. The last update date of these Terms and Conditions is ________. It implies that Private Holdings make reasonable amendments to these Terms and Conditions from time to time. And these changes become instantly applicable to all users of this site. Private Holdings have a link to our Terms and Conditions on each page of this site. And we also state when we last updated them.


You or we may terminate or suspend the use of your account or your account on our site any time without giving prior notice for no or any reason. We do not entitle you to any solution for services discontinuation except for the accumulated funds' withdrawal, which is subjected to the applicable laws, regulations and WD policy. Private Holdings reserve the right to suspend, discontinue or change any or all aspects of this website without giving any notice.

Additional Support

If you have concerns about our Terms and Conditions or you do not understand any clause or have comments, you can get in touch with us anytime. It means if anything stated in these Terms and Conditions is unacceptable, unfair, or unclear, you should contact us beforehand.

Our Privacy and Security Commitment

We have placed reasonable electronic, managerial and electronic processes to prevent any unauthorized access to your data, maintain the accuracy of information and data as well as ensure correct and legal data usage and secure and protect the information the online collected information. To get further information, you can read our Privacy Policy.

Assignment of Rights to Third Parties

Private Holdings holds exclusive rights of assignment, transfer, grant, or sublicense all or any of the rights provided herein, including the rights regarding data or information, entirely or partially to any third party or parties, whatsoever.
It means that Private Holdings reserves the right of assigning the agreement between User and Private Holdings as set out in its terms and conditions in full or part only by Private Holdings and not by any user. These liability limitations and privileges are one-sided Private Holdings entitlement under the stated terms and conditions. But users cannot access this site without accepting them.

No Waiver

Private Holdings’ consent to any violation of these terms and conditions or/and failure of exercising any provided rights herein is without discrimination to the legal right and solution of Private Holdings. And the company should not be prohibited or/and debar from seeking or practising the same.


Suppose a court of law with proper jurisdiction deems the provision mentioned herein invalid or void. In that case, we'll sever such provision, and it shall not detract or invalidate the validity and/or effect of all or any provisions mentioned herein. It means that if a competent court of law rules out any clause or specific article of these Terms and Conditions which is unenforceable due to any particular reason, then that ruling will only be applicable to the specific respective provisions or articles and not to the complete agreement.

How to Get in Touch with Us

If you still have other concerns or questions, you can contact our customer support anytime.

The Financial Products offered by the company include Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) and other complex financial products. Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. As a result, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors because it is possible to lose all of your invested capital. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before trading in the complex financial products offered please ensure to understand the risks involved.

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